Our First Look at the Supernatural Season 15 Premiere Feels Like a Total Throwback


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We can’t believe this is the last time we’re going to say this but… we’ve officially got our first look at the upcoming season of Supernatural! (Cue the heartbroken sobbing.) Although it’s only one photo from the premiere of Season 15, it’s giving us major pilot vibes.

The road so far left off with a wrathful Chuck (Rob Benedict), aka God, opening the gates of hell, letting every evil thing the Winchesters have ever killed loose into the world. This is bad news for our favorite brothers, but it’s great news for fans who are hoping to see some familiar demons, monsters, and ghosts again.

“There’s specific characters that we’ve dealt with in the past that will reprise their role,” Jensen Ackles told Entertainment Weekly, who exclusively revealed the photo on Wednesday. “That doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody’s walking out though. Even though the doors are unlocked and people are walking out of hell, not everybody is quite as eager to jump ship. That begs a question of ‘why’ and it begs a question of ‘when will they?'”

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The first photo shows the boys checking out a car, but not to worry, they’re not cheating on Baby. The car looks to be the scene of a pretty violent death, if the blood smeared on the windshield is any indication. In fact, if you think back to the pilot, a very similar splatter appeared on the windshield of another car when a Woman in White (Sarah Shahi) — the episode’s ghostie of the week — killed an unfaithful boyfriend after hitching a ride with him in Jericho, California.

Could she be back for seconds now that Chuck has set her loose on the world again? Guess we’ll find out when Supernatural Season 15 premieres Thursday, Oct. 10 at 8/7c on The CW.


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